Sarpy County Attorney

The Sarpy County Attorney’s statutory responsibilities are wide-ranging and important. They must have knowledge of civil and criminal law issues, be adept at mental health decisions, have confidence in administering the duties of the county coroner, and be knowledgeable in child support enforcement cases. As the face of justice in Sarpy County, the Sarpy County Attorney’s responsibilities are professional and ethical. In addition to these responsibilities, the Sarpy County Attorney must be well-versed in the local history of the community.

Papillion, NE, district attorney

The Sarpy County District Attorney is located in Papillion, Nebraska. This office provides legal assistance and law enforcement services to the residents of the county. You can find more information about the Sarpy County District Attorney on their website, or by contacting them at the office. Located at 1210 Golden Gate Dr., Papillion, NE 68046, the office is listed on the government’s online directory. They are rated 2 stars by users.

Located in Papillion, Nebraska, the district attorney of Sarpy County is an elected official who prosecutes criminal cases. They direct the Papillion Prosecutor’s Office and play a vital role in criminal cases. They coordinate with police officers to decide whether to file charges, and they prosecute the cases in court. They also maintain the court’s records.

Lee Polikov

If you have a criminal case pending against someone, you should consider hiring the services of a lawyer, such as Lee Polikov, Sarpy County Attorney. With more than a century of combined experience, Polikov is a skilled litigator and a trusted adviser. Here is what you need to know about his case. Here’s a list of his qualifications. Listed below are a few of his most notable accomplishments:

In this case, the plaintiffs are the COUNTY OF SARPY and the annexations. The case is before the district court, which ruled on May 23, 2005, that annexations were valid. If Sarpy County wins on appeal, it will be able to argue that its annexations were valid, and the matter will then turn to damages and the entitlement to accounting. However, if Sarpy County loses on appeal, it will likely lose the case.

Deputy county attorney Brazda Brazda

Deputy county attorney Brazda, a former prosecutor, is a recent recruit of the Nebraska State Police’s Drug Enforcement Administration. Brazda’s background includes extensive training in drug interdiction, detection, and arrest. Her training also included a drug interdiction school. She said that she specialized in the detection of controlled substances. Her training also included marijuana. During her DEA training, Brazda took part in specialized courses on drug interdiction and apprehension.

Deputy county attorney Brazda was arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana in June 2011. The case was a felony for the second-degree offense. Brazda has argued that the state has not proven that she possessed the drugs and that the evidence is not admissible at trial. The case is now on appeal. The judge will now decide whether to grant her motion to suppress the evidence.

Deputy county attorney Melanie R. Young

Elizabeth Gregory recently moved to Rushville after spending the last few years as a law clerk in Sarpy County. Originally from Omaha, she attended Creighton University School of Law, where she studied environmental law. However, after working in Sarpy County, she changed her plans and decided to pursue a career in advocacy. Since her initial internship, she has been advocating for the rights of the accused.

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