Ohio Attorney General Candidates

Ohio Attorney General Candidates

The primary election in Ohio will decide the next Attorney General. The two major candidates, David Yost and Jeff Crossman, both attorneys, are running for the office. Yost received 52.2 percent of the vote in the last election and will likely advance from the Republican primary. Crossman is an attorney and a city councilman. Ohio has historically leaned Republican, and the election will probably follow the same pattern.


Jeffery Crossman is a Parma City Councilman and attorney who recently announced his candidacy for Ohio attorney general. He represents the 15th district in northeast Ohio. His announcement comes as the Ohio attorney general race enters a critical phase. Crossman is a first-time candidate for statewide office. He would likely face incumbent Attorney General Dave Yost, who has held the position since 2011.

Crossman’s past work on the city council shows that he is progressive and will work for change. He has also worked to increase transparency in government. After former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder was arrested for his role in a $1 billion nuclear plant bailout, Crossman was one of the few state lawmakers who pressured him to step down. In addition, he called for an investigation of the influence that the Akron-based FirstEnergy has on utility regulators.


The Republican Party has two strong candidates vying for the position of Ohio attorney general. First, there is incumbent Attorney General Dave Yost, who received 52.2 percent of the vote in November 2018. Hochman is an attorney and city councilman who was first elected to the office in 2011. In the last election, Yost swept the GOP primary, but his opponent is a credible Democrat, state Rep. Jeff Crossman. Both candidates have proven track records of fighting corruption and fraud.

Hochman is a former federal prosecutor. He served as an assistant attorney general for tax law enforcement during the George W. Bush administration. He also has several decades of experience as a defense lawyer. He represented disgraced former Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca and singer Lauren Hill when they got into trouble with the IRS.


The upcoming general election in Ohio will decide which attorney general serves as the next state’s chief legal officer. As the chief legal officer, the attorney general advises the state’s government on legal issues. Attorneys general in 43 states is directly elected. The office’s role is to ensure that Ohioans are protected from illegal and unscrupulous practices.

Ohio’s attorney general, Dave Yost, recently appeared on Fox News to cast doubt on Dr. Caitlin Bernard’s story. The former journalist said that his office had heard “no whispers” about the case. However, after the arrest of a 27-year-old Columbus man accused of impregnating the 10-year-old girl, Yost changed his tone. As a result, the case is now a national topic. With a recent Supreme Court ruling allowing the government to regulate abortions in Ohio, it has also become a focus of a debate over whether or not Ohio should follow the law on abortion.


Mike Cowen is one of the Ohio attorney general candidates who is running on a record of tackling the state’s most pressing issues. He is one of the state’s most prominent advocates for the rights of workers and consumers, and he has worked to increase transparency and accountability within government. His legislative accomplishments include expanding the capacity of Ohio’s state crime labs and reducing the time it takes to return DNA and drug test results. Additionally, he spearheaded an effort to curb the use of no-knock warrants and has taken on the role of protecting physicians from exploitation by pharmaceutical companies.

The Ohio attorney general election is set for November 8, 2022. The filing deadline for this election was February 2, 2022. There are four candidates, including incumbent Attorney General Dave Yost, who received 52.2 percent of the vote in 2018. The other candidate, Jeff Crossman, a former city councilman, and attorney, has also filed for the general election. In recent years, Ohio has leaned Republican, and the election will likely reflect this trend.


Bonta, the only Democrat in the race for attorney general, was appointed by Gov. Gavin Newsom to the position in March 2021. He has written several laws regulating the sale and use of cannabis and has deep ties in Southern California. His opponent, former California Assistant U.S. Attorney Rob Hochman, is a native of California and has served as a Los Angeles prosecutor. Hochman has received the endorsement of the state Republican Party.

Though many believe Bonta has a solid campaign in the Democratic primary, he may have trouble in the general election. The liberal Democrat is expected to win the primary, but he could face trouble in the general election because voters are increasingly concerned about crime. However, another Democrat, Anne Marie Schubert, is registering as an independent.

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